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7075 Aluminum

Hydro typically produces extrusion in the 6000 series of aluminum alloys. This section is about an alloy that may not be available from all Hydro locations.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Aluminum in its purest form is too soft and reactive to be of structural use. However, its alloys, such as 7075 aluminum alloy, make it structurally stronger and more useful in the manufacturing of durable products.

7075 aluminum is a cold-wrought alloy and the strongest of the aluminum alloys, or as strong as some lower-grade steel products, but it is lighter in weight. The principal alloying ingredients of 7075 aluminum are zinc and copper. Its other metallic elements include magnesium, iron, silicon, manganese, chromium and titanium, in descending order by quantity.

On the Aluminum Association’s A through F machinability scale, 7075 aluminum scores a “B”, which indicates that the alloy can be easily shaped, chipped and manipulated by machines. It is also more durable than most aluminum alloys. In comparison to other strong materials such as steel, 7075 alloy has better corrosion resistance and is resistant to stress cracking. Galvanic corrosion is a concern, but 7075 aluminum has a good anodizing response, which helps it resist galvanic corrosion. However, it is considered a poor choice for welding, but can be joined by resistance welding

As a result of these well- balanced properties, 7075 alloy sheet and plate products are commonly used in products where strength, corrosion resistance and high stress-reduction capabilities are important. Alloy 7075 is typically available in the annealed state as well as several tempers of the T6, T73 and T76 types.

7075 aluminum is ideal for marine and automotive applications as well. Products where strength is critical, such as rock-climbing equipment, hang glider airframes and bike frames are commonly made from 7075 aluminum. Other uses include gears, regulating valve parts, shafts (including Lacrosse sticks) and chassis plates, as well as in precision rifles, such as French PGM Precision arms and M16s for the U.S. military. Because it can be highly polished, 7075 alloy is also widely used in mold tool manufacture, particularly in the plastics industry.

A nationwide network of production and supply facilities enables Hydro Extrusion to produce an exceptional selection of extruded aluminum shapes, sizes, alloys and tempers, utilizing both direct and indirect extrusion methods. We offer complete solutions for extruded aluminum products required by the automotive, mass transit, bridge decking, and solar/renewable energy industries, as well as many other industrial and consumer markets.

Decades of experience enable Hydro Extrusion to offer solutions for virtually any unique application. We design and manufacture extrusion tooling using the latest technology and CAD/CAM design.

Our expert staff of metallurgists and engineering, manufacturing, design and marketing specialists can provide everything you need to create your custom extruded aluminum products.