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Custom Aluminum Extrusions in Minnesota

When you need custom aluminum extrusions in Minnesota, consider an extrusion manufacturer that offers decades of global expertise with everything from design and engineering to fabrication and finishing to assembly and packaging. Hydro Extrusions is the world’s leading soft alloy aluminum extruder. With 20+ locations and more than 60 extrusion presses across North America, we provide a comprehensive suite of services for clients in all consumer, commercial and industrial markets.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

We offer an exceptional selection of extruded aluminum shapes, sizes, alloys and tempers, utilizing both direct and indirect extrusion methods. In addition to our extrusion expertise, we have extensive knowledge of all types of surface treatment you may want for your product, offering a full range of services in clear and electrolytic colored anodic coatings as well as acid etch.

Aluminum is well-suited to anodizing, which is one of the reasons it is such a respected material for product use compared to other metals. Anodizing is an environmentally safe electrochemical process that adds a layer of oxidation to extrusions to enhance the metal’s properties.

The finish is not merely applied to the surface. Instead, it is integrated into the metal and cannot fade, peel or chip. It will also be very hard and able to withstand extreme wear and tear and all types of weather. Fortunately, the metal remains porous and can be colored and sealed, or undergo additional finishing, if desired.

Anodizing is used to create:

  • a permanent new appearance
  • corrosion resistance
  • a dirt repellent surface with a high standard of hygiene
  • a decorative surface with durable paint and luster
  • a smooth surface
  • a functional surface, a sliding face or an abrasion-proof surface (for machine parts, for example)
  • an electrically insulating surface
  • a basis for application of glue and paint 

Anodized aluminum has diverse uses and its potential is unlimited. From trusses and handrails in the Space Shuttle, to the stadium seats at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend to the Sears Tower in Chicago, to jewelry, small appliances and decorative items we use in our homes, anodized aluminum extrusions have thousands of commercial and consumer applications.

For the latest in anodized finishes, Hydro Extrusion offers facilities for:

  • Parts up to 31.5 feet in length
  • Sulfuric acid anodizing in clear, organic, inorganic dyed finishes
  • Hydro Select “green” anodic coatings
  • Caustic and acid etch capabilities
  • Architectural bronze finishes with electrolytically deposited color
  • Hard-coat anodizing
  • Bright Anodizing

Hydro's advanced technology allows us to provide considerably smaller coating tolerances than were available only a decade ago, further increasing anodized aluminum’s possible uses. And the wide range of color options allows for hundreds of design possibilities. It may even replace heavier, more expensive stainless steel in some applications. Each anodic coating has unique properties, and Sapa’s finishing experts will help you make the best selection for your particular needs.

As part of the world’s largest aluminum profile company, Hydro Extrusion offers some of the broadest extrusion, fabricating and finishing capabilities. For custom aluminum extrusions in Minnesota, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and Rochester, as well as the support and finishing services you require for your project, get in touch with us for complete solutions.