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Custom Aluminum Extrusions in Mississippi

Hydro in North America offers a wide range of services across an extensive network of production facilities. No matter your unique requirements for custom aluminum extrusions in Mississippi, you will have access to the resources of our entire network.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Aluminum extrusions are lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant parts that are essential for glass work, windows and doors, mechanical parts, heat sinks, framing and for parts used in a wide variety of engines, motors, industrial equipment and robotics.

Extruded profiles are used in every imaginable industry, from home appliances to automobiles, making aluminum one of the worlds’ most widely used metals.

As part of the world's largest aluminum profile company, Hydro Extrusion is a key supplier to customers in the building and construction, industrial and consumer, automotive, mass transit, and solar and renewable energy markets. From raw aluminum to assembled products, we offer every capability in press sizes and tonnages (direct and indirect extrusion), alloy selection, circle sizes, profile types, and 'green' billet.

The extrusion process produces solid, semi-hollow and hollow shapes with dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality. Press size determines how large an extrusion can be, so extruded parts can range in size from one millimeter to several feet long.

Hydro Delhi

Our ISO 9001-certified aluminum extrusion facility in Delhi, Louisiana serves Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and the Southern United States, providing extrusion, machining, fabrication, and finishing services, and is equipped with the following sizes of extrusion presses:

  • 1,800 ton (7"
  • 2,200 ton (9"
  • 3,000 ton (10")

The Delhi plant has in-house finishing capabilities for:

  • Clear anodizing (201, 202, 204, 205 R1) up to 31'
  • Electrolytic coloring (champagne to black) up to 31 feet

We partner with our extensive network of other plants for:

  • Hydroforming
  • Thermal break
  • Sand blasting
  • FSW for lengths & components
  • Powder coating
  • Liquid coating
  • Polishing
  • Brushing

From standard and custom extrusions that require basic fabrication (e.g., precision cutting, drilling, tapping or punching) to fully finished components and assemblies, we can reduce your costs and cycle times with value-added fabrication services that provide a complete solution that’s ready to ship or insert into a production line.

Technical Center & Hydro Profile Academy

As evidence of Hydro's commitment to extrusion manufacturing excellence, a diverse group of individuals with engineering, marketing, metallurgical, machining and product design backgrounds work together to research, design and develop innovative solutions and products for Hydro's customers.

We also developed the Profile Academy, an educational experience that raises skills and increases the competitiveness of companies and designers in North America. The advanced course demonstrates opportunities with aluminum, and helps engineers, designers and project managers understand the principles of materials, production, and market application technology.

At Hydro Extrusion, we have the capability of bending extrusions to closer tolerances than you will probably ever need, and shaping and forming parts to the highest possible standards.

When your business needs custom aluminum extrusions in Mississippi, get in touch with us to see how our state-of-the-art solutions can solve your custom design challenges.