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Aluminum Rod Suppliers

Hydro Extrusion is the world’s largest soft alloy aluminum extruder and one of the top aluminum rod suppliers in North America, serving virtually every commercial, industrial and consumer market. Our nationwide network of 20+ locations and more than 60 extrusion presses provides incomparable capabilities in extruded aluminum shapes, sizes, alloys and tempers, including both direct and indirect extrusion methods.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Aluminum is the most economical way to deliver electrical power, and electrical transmission lines are the largest application for aluminum rod and bar. Rod and bar aluminum are both made by extrusion and elongated through the use of dies. Rod aluminum is circular in shape whereas aluminum bar can have any number of flat sides. Made from aluminum rod, wire is less than 3/8 inch in diameter and can carry and electrical current. Electrical conductor rod can also be drawn and stranded directly from molten aluminum.

Our extruded rod exceeds the highest industry standards for quality and value, with straightness tolerance of .00625"/ft., .075" maximum over 12 ft. length. Tighter dimensional tolerances are 1/2 or better compared to the Aluminum Association Standard Tolerance for screw machine applications. Our ACC-U-ROD™ line is available in diameters ranging from .438" to 8.000", and in custom and metric sizes. We can also supply Jumbo Rod in diameters up to 12.125".

Aluminum Rod Alloys

Hydro offers extruded aluminum rod in a variety of alloys, with a choice of –T6 and –T5 tempers and stress-relieved –T6511 and –T5511 tempers:

  • Alloy 6042
    Certified to ASTM B 221, 6042 is a new low-lead aluminum alloy (RoHS and ELV compliant) with excellent corrosion resistance at atmospheric conditions and good corrosion resistance to seawater. It’s typically used for electrical connectors and screws, brake components, hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds and valve blocks, air conditioning components, and hardware and fasteners.
  • Alloy 6061
    One of the most widely used in the 6000 series, this alloy is certified to both ASTM B 221 and ASME SB 221. A versatile heat-treatable alloy, 6061 is popular for medium to high strength requirements and has excellent corrosion resistance and toughness. It responds well to anodizing and is easily welded and joined. Typical applications include transportation components, machinery and equipment, recreation products, and consumer durables.
  • Alloy 6082
    Common in Europe and becoming more popular in the U.S. for rod and bar machining stock, seamless tubing, structural profiles and custom profiles, 6082 has good finishing characteristics and responds well to anodizing. It offers good weldability, brazeability, corrosion resistance, formability and machinability. Typical applications include rod and bar machining stock, and structural profiles. It’s certified to ASTM B 221.
  • Alloy 6262
    The alloy of choice for applications that need better machinability, 6262 is one of the few alloys developed specifically for machining applications including screw machine and CNC machine products. With excellent corrosion resistance and good finishing characteristics, its common uses include automotive and truck brake components, hydraulic valve blocks, manifolds, electrical and cable components, air conditioning components, and hardware and fasteners. It’s certified to ASTM B 221.

With decades of experience as aluminum rod suppliers, Hydro Extrusion can provide the most advanced solutions for your challenging design problems. Our ACC-U-ROD™ line of extruded rod machining stock is sought after worldwide for its next-level quality in mechanical properties, dimensional tolerances, machinability, and exceptional surface finish.

Contact us to learn more about our extensive line of products, including architectural and structural angles, C-channels, U-channels, tees, zees, I-beams and H-beams.