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Aluminum’s unique electric and thermal conductivity, light weight, high strength, and natural corrosion resistance make aluminum profiles indispensable in the electronics, automotive, marine, and many other industries. As such, aluminum profiles are frequently substituted for steel, copper, plastic and wood, because the metal’s characteristics have advantages over other materials in many applications.

Our ACC-U-ROD™ extruded rod machining stock is highly sought after for a wide range of applications around the globe, most commonly for hardware, automotive parts, couplings and connectors, hinge pins, fasteners and fittings. With decades of experience in the manufacture of aluminum extrusion profiles, Hydro can offer you the highest quality and advanced solutions for your most complex design problems.

Hydro Extrusion supplies extruded rod in the widest selection of sizes and alloys. ACC-U-ROD™ is available in diameters ranging from .438" to 8.000", as well as in custom and metric sizes. For larger rod sizes, we offer Jumbo Rod in diameters up to 12.125". Alloy selections include 6061, 6082 and low lead 6042 (RoHS and ELV-compliant) and 6262, with a choice of –T6 and –T5 tempers and stress-relieved –T6511 and –T5511 tempers. Alloys 6061, 6042, 6262 and 6082 are certified to ASTM B 221; alloy 6061 is also certified to ASME SB 221.

Our extruded rod surpasses the highest standards in the industry for quality and value, with straightness tolerance improved to .00625"/ft., .075" maximum over 12 ft. length. Tighter dimensional tolerances are 1/2 or better compared to the Aluminum Association Standard Tolerance for screw machine applications. Hydro’s special chemistries provide for improved machining and better surface appearance.

In 6061 alloy, ACC-U-ROD™ products feature a fine recrystallized, uniform grain structure in sizes with cross sectional areas up to 7.06 square inches, while larger cross sectional areas feature an unrecrystallized uniform grain structure. This is accomplished via our superb indirect extrusion technology and our unique capabilities for in-house casting of special alloy chemistries. The improved machining performance and tight, consistent dimensions also make the rod more cost-effective than higher-priced cold finish rod.

Hydro Extrusion is the world's largest aluminum extruder and is part of the world's largest aluminum profile company. Our nationwide network of production and supply facilities provides exceptional capabilities in extruded aluminum shapes, sizes, alloys and tempers, including both direct and indirect extrusion methods.

To complement our state-of-the-art production facilities, we have advanced facilities for painting (including a high speed vertical powder coating line), anodizing and special coatings. As the leader in extruded aluminum rod production, Hydro is able to offer an unsurpassed variety of product choices to meet the needs of our customers’ most challenging project requirements.