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Aluminum Shapes

Aluminum extrusion is the process used to transform aluminum alloy into an infinite assortment of functional products. Making the most of aluminum’s light weight and malleability, the extrusion process creates shapes by heating a billet, or cylindrical log, of aluminum alloy to soften it and then forcing it under high pressure through a special steel die using a hydraulic press or ram. The end result is a piece of aluminum that will maintain the specific shape of the die.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Commonly produced shapes include angles, tubing, and channels, and can be customized to very close tolerances for numerous types of applications. Extruded aluminum shapes can be found in automotive and construction parts, domestic appliances, computers, architectural components, and a wide variety of products, including window frames, railings and bicycles. These shapes can range in size from one millimeter to several feet long.

The process of aluminum extrusion results in very durable parts and shapes. Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and is very flexible. It can be joined through the use of soldering, welding, or brazing. Aluminum’s heat conductivity makes it ideal for use in products that provide heat shielding or heat transfer. The surface of the extruded aluminum parts can also be finished in a variety of ways which makes it architectural aluminum perfect for architects, including anodizing, painting and powder-coating, to give the product a particular appearance or to accommodate specific performance requirements.

Hydro Extrusion is part of the world’s largest aluminum profile company and is the North American leader in the production of aluminum extruded shapes for the residential and commercial building industry. No matter how complex your requirements, our complete range of extruded aluminum C-channels, U-channels, rod, bar, pipe and tube products, structural angles, tees, zees, I-beams and H-beams can meet all of your required application needs. Our extensive expertise shows in our production of standard and custom aluminum shapes up to 20” circle size.

Hydro Extrusion's application engineering, manufacturing, design and marketing specialists are ready to assist you with custom solutions for unique applications. We can supply products for almost any type of application ranging from high pressure and mechanical to architectural and framing.

Our advanced production facilities make it possible for us to provide painting (including high speed vertical powder coating), anodizing and application of specialized coating and complete fabricating services, including precision cutting to semi-finished and fully finished parts and assemblies. Using the latest technologies in design and fabrication, engineers and metallurgists at Hydro Extrusion work diligently to meet your specifications.