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Aluminum Panels

Hydro Extrusion's design, application, engineering, manufacturing and marketing specialists are ready to assist you with alloy solutions for your unique applications. We offer a wide range of extruded aluminum panels using standard extruded aluminum profiles or custom designed aluminum extrusion profiles.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Frames and panels fabricated from aluminum are more flexible and versatile that welded steel, and are ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you need standard panels, structural panels, modified or custom front panels, or aluminum wall or deck panels, we have the engineering, product development and manufacturing capabilities to take your project from design to prototype to production with these and other features:

  • Cable or connector supports
  • Detents for overlays or labels, board holders or cable management
  • Offsets or other features for improved EMI shielding
  • High speed inline punching for volume production 
  • CNC machining for cutouts and special features
  • Rugged designs for heavier boards or applications with high insertion force
  • Optional square corners for a sleek look
  • Custom visual features
  • Full testing and analysis support

We also provide advanced facilities for painting (including our high speed vertical powder coating line), anodizing and special coatings to supplement our advanced production facilities. Our complete fabricating services include precision cutting to semi-finished and fully finished parts and assemblies that meet AAMA Specifications and CSI Codes.

Following are some suggested uses for our panel systems.

Aluminum Deck Panels

Aluminum decking is an ideal solution for floating boat docks and marinas. The panels are durable, slip resistant and stay cool to the touch even on hot days. They won’t warp or shrink, are non-combustible, scratch and stain resistant, easy to assemble and disassemble, and 100% maintenance-free.

Compared to most wood and composite decking materials, aluminum decking is lighter, stronger and safer. Instead of building a structure to support a heavy composite decking material, build a lighter frame and work with lighter panels.

Rooftop Deck Panels

In commercial applications such as hotel rooftop decks, bridge decks and viewing platforms, structural aluminum decking is a strong outdoor solution designed for heavy everyday commercial use. They can be waterproofed and coated so that they are comfortable to walk on in the hot sun.

Designed to stand the test of time, the panels are lighter and stronger than alternative deck materials. They resist any distortion caused by weather and building movement, retain their strength and flexibility under heavy loads, and spring back from the shock of impact. They are also straight and consistent in size, unlike wood and composite products, with none of the blemishes and inconsistencies of those materials.

A Green Building Product

Aside from its weight and strength, aluminum offers a multitude of environmental advantages. It is 100% recyclable into new products. In the case of motor vehicles alone, more than 90% of all aluminum scrap is recovered and recycled. This equates to more than 500,000 tons per year, saving the energy equivalent of over one billion gallons of gasoline.

The experts also believe that aluminum has a 20% smaller lifecycle CO2 footprint, significantly reducing harmful emissions.

We are dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Our advances in reducing water consumption and removal and recycling of by-products have created an environmentally sound process, void of hazardous waste. We also offer Green Billet which is produced from up to 95% external/internal recycled content.

Hydro Extrusion specializes in custom extrusions. Our facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and feature in-house die-making facilities.

With decades of experience, we are able to offer aluminum panels and other extruded aluminum solutions for virtually any application and can provide everything you need to meet your design requirements.