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Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

When you need a custom aluminum extrusions manufacturer to meet your business needs, get in touch with Hydro Extrusion, the industry leader in aluminum extrusions in North America and part of the world's largest aluminum profile company. We are a key supplier to customers in the building and construction, industrial and consumer, automotive, mass transit, and solar and renewable energy markets.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Hydro is known for producing extruded profiles in all sizes and configurations, from simple to complex. We welcome long and short runs for standard and custom shape designs. If you are looking for custom extrusions, consider a manufacturer with the following capabilities:

  • Minimal lead times
    Hydro offers industry’s broadest product capabilities in presses (direct and indirect extrusion) alloy selection, circle sizes, multi-void hollows, thin wall sections, miniature extrusions and precise fabrication operations. We operate cast houses at several of our North America locations
  • Precision engineering
    All Hydro North America extrusion facilities have access to the resources of the entire network, making Hydro an idea partner for most every production requirement. We offer enormous competencies for design and application assistance.
  • Tight quality control
    All dies are tested before the beginning of the extrusion process. The shape and dimension of the extruded profiles are regularly checked during the extrusion process. All the relevant parameters are recorded in order to ensure product uniformity. 
  • Tight control of alloy chemistry
    Hydro Extrusion's In-House Casting provides tight control of alloy chemistry within Aluminum Association standards, delivering more alloys with repeatable properties and superior machinability.
  • Complete in-house production
    We fabricate the extrusions from machining, punching and cutting to anodizing and processing, delivering finished parts right to the job location. From raw aluminum to assembled products, we have everything you need to go from concept to completion.
  • Focused on the environment, health and safety
    Hydro is dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Our advances in reducing water consumption and removal and recycling of process by-products have created an environmentally sound process, void of hazardous waste. We also offer Green Billet which is produced from up to 95% external/internal recycled content.
  • Supply logistics
    With our large manufacturing footprint — more than 20 manufacturing plants in North America — we can ship directly to the customer from the nearest plant, cutting down freight costs.
  • Customer service excellence
    Our outstanding service has been built on an understanding of our customer’s needs. Extensive metallurgical knowledge provides support for customers when they have quality issues.

As an example of its extrusion manufacturing excellence, Hydro's research, design and development center within North America works to provide innovative solutions and products and has developed a new method of manufacturing high ratio air cooled heat sinks that are approximately 8% more thermally efficient than the industry standard.

The new method utilizes a modular concept that enables maximum flexibility with fin geometry, fin ratio and heat sink footprint, yielding heat sink ratios in excess of 40:1. This method not only allows for the production of large-scale heat sinks up to 20" in width, but is well-suited for serial production, making these types of heat sinks a competitive product in the marketplace.

Hydro Extrusion has been delivering quality aluminum solutions and meeting the needs of customers for nearly 40 years. Get in touch with us to experience a custom aluminum extrusions manufacturer that is capable of delivering a product for virtually any type of application.