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Forming aluminum into complex parts

A smartly designed aluminum extrusion requires little post-processing. But if the profile needs processing, it is perfectly suitable for forming and joining.

milling machine

Aluminum formability

Formability is one of the strongest properties of the light metal aluminum.

Our research and development engineers use modern equipment to carry out computer analyses and testing of sections formed by hot gas forming, hydroforming, stretch forming and bending. We do this because you want to create complex parts with a high degree of dimensional accuracy.

Additional machining

Profiles can be shaped so they require minimal machining after extrusion. But some form of processing is often necessary, and machining profiles are relatively inexpensive. Aluminum's malleability means that tool costs are competitive.

Hydroforming and bending for accuracy

With hydroforming, we can turn an extruded aluminum tube into a three-dimensional shape. Bending is another process that we use to create shaping accuracy.

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