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Recycled aluminium the new sought-after material in low-carbon construction

Since Hydro launched its CIRCAL recycled aluminium one year ago, it has won more than 40 big and small building projects around the world. “This is currently one of Hydro’s fastest-growing segments,” says Egil Hogna, Head of Hydro’s business area Extruded Solutions.

Økern Portal is an example of a larger project to use CIRCAL with minimum 75 percent recycled aluminium (Photo: DARK/Luxigon)
Økern Portal is an example of a larger project to use CIRCAL with minimum 75 percent recycled aluminium (Photo: DARK/Luxigon)

CIRCAL is one of Hydro’s greener aluminium brands with minimum 75 percent recycled post-consumer scrap and a certified carbon footprint below 2.3 kg CO2 per kg aluminium.

Since it was first introduced, Hydro’s business area Extruded Solutions, which supplies facades and building solutions to the building and construction industry, has gone all-in on selling these greener aluminium brands.

Hydro recently passed a milestone of 40 building projects using CIRCAL facades. That is about 2,300 tonnes of greener aluminium, with big and small projects of up to 400 tonnes. An example is Økern Portal, one of Norway’s largest development projects, which uses about 300 tonnes of CIRCAL aluminium in its facades.

“The volumes are still small in the big picture of the global aluminium market, but this is currently one of Hydro’s fastest-growing segments. By the end of 2020, all of Building Systems’ products and solutions in Europe will be available in CIRCAL and REDUXA, and we expect demand for low-carbon aluminium to grow in the years to come,” says Hogna.

REDUXA is Hydro’s series of low-carbon primary aluminium. It has a maximum carbon footprint of 4.0 kg CO2 per kg aluminium produced. One-fourth of the global average. 

Production ramp-up in 2020

This year, Hydro will ramp up production of CIRCAL by increasing annual capacity to 25,000 tonnes with an upgrade and expansion of the Azuqueca recycling plant in Spain.

Hydro is the first aluminium producer supplying prime quality end-of-life recycled aluminium with a certified content of more than 75 percent recycled post-consumer scrap. The production process is fully traceable, and the product is certified by an independent third party (DNV GL).

The European Commission’s sustainability targets require all new buildings to operate at net zero carbon emissions by 2030 – and all buildings by 2050. Hydro’s CIRCAL 75R is enabling builders and architects to meet the most demanding sustainability targets.


About Hydro CIRCAL: Hydro CIRCAL is a range of products made with recycled post-consumer scrap. Through using recycled content, we reduce energy use drastically while still being able to offer high quality products. The percentage of scrap will change depending on specifications from the client, but we can always guarantee a CO2 footprint below 2.3 kg CO2 per 1 kg aluminum produced.  

About Hydro REDUXA: Hydro REDUXA is our series of certified, low carbon aluminumIt’s made with renewable energy, which results in a maximum carbon footprint of 4.0 kg CO2 per kg aluminum – one-third of the global average. The result is among the world’s lowest carbon aluminum to date. 

Therese Rød Holm

Therese Rød Holm

VP Head of Communication and Public Affairs, Extruded Solutions

halvor molland

Halvor Molland

Senior vice president, Media Relations

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