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Extruded Aluminum Products

Aluminum's superior malleability is essential for extrusion. With the metal either hot or cold, this property is also exploited in the rolling of strips and foils, as well as in bending and other forming operations. Aluminum alloys commonly have tensile strengths of between 70 and 700 Mpa. The range for alloys used in extrusion is 150-300 Mpa. In addition, unlike most grades of steel, aluminum does not become brittle at low temperatures. Instead, its strength increases.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

These characteristics combined with the recyclability of aluminum make it an ideal material for many applications in a wide variety of industries such as custom aluminum extrusions.

Hydro is one of the leading custom aluminum extrusions suppliers in North America. We offer a vast array of production, fabrication and design services across our network of facilities. All of the Hydro North America extrusion facilities have direct access to the resources of the entire network, making Hydro an ideal partner for virtually any production requirement.

We also offer our valued clients expert design and technical support, mechanical and application engineering support, metallurgy and project management, plus the resources of Hydro Research and Development.

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