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Aluminum Stairs

An aluminum stair system is a safe and durable substitute for wooden or concrete stairs. At only 30% of the weight of steel but similar in strength, they are lightweight, easy to install, and can provide access to all types of industrial and commercial buildings, schools, park facilities, marine facilities and modular buildings.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Aluminum platforms, ramps and stairs are practical for temporary use at construction sites and can provide access to sloped surfaces and other surfaces where it’s possible to place them. Potential uses include bridging uneven terrain, access to building levels, road and rail embankments, gravel pits, retaining walls, and for hilly terrain.

Some benefits of aluminum stairs and platforms include:

  • Flexibility.
    The systems use floating footings and joints that are not permanently attached to the ground. This means they will withstand potentially dangerous ground shifts in the event of an earthquake. They will resist damage from rising water levels because their construction is more open and sections are easily removed.
  • Strength.
    Aluminum stairways, platforms and ramps support heavy loads. A standard stairway that weighs only 215 pounds will support loads in excess of 1600 pounds.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
    For outdoor living, aluminum stairways and walkways provide an attractive solution. They can be powder-coated for rust-resistance and are available in many colors to blend with the environment. They are available in many configurations, including as spiral staircases.
  • Safety.
    Wood stairs can become slippery when exposed to rain, snow, sprinklers and wet feet. Aluminum systems are slip-resistant and self-draining. Aluminum is ideal for cold-weather applications because cold temperatures make it stronger; however, it conducts heat well, so it will remain cool to the touch even in high temperatures and is non-flammable. It does not produce toxic fumes.
  • Low maintenance.
    Aluminum ramps, stairs, platforms and walkways are durable, non-corrosive and non-combustible. The systems are protected by a naturally occurring oxide film which keeps them rust-free, but can be anodized or powder-coated to enhance them. They do not need to be refinished or replaced due to deterioration, and will not rot like wood, so they keep maintenance costs low.
  • Code-compliant access.
    Aluminum stairways provide access for portable classrooms, modular and site built structures that require International Building Code and ADA Compliance and meet all necessary accessibility regulations.

If you need an access solution for your municipal building, industrial building, educational building, government or military building, commercial, retail or healthcare building, or any other application – REDD Team, a division of Hydro, offers aluminum walkways, ramps, and stairs that can provide the aluminum access solution you require.

REDD Team is a leading national brand of high quality aluminum access products such as ADA wheelchair ramps, aluminum pedestrian bridges, aluminum walkways, aluminum gangways, aluminum stairs (OSHA and general code), universal stair systems, aluminum stair towers and more. All are also produced from 6000 series aluminum, with 6063 aluminum being a primary choice.