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Portable Aluminum Stairs

REDD Team, a division of Hydro Extrusion, is the original aluminum access solutions company. If you need portable aluminum stairs, walkways or ramps for access to modular buildings, construction trailers or temporary mobile offices, we bring aluminum’s advantages to customers who need safe, durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly stairways and access systems.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Our metal stairs are fabricated from raw material that contains approximately 25% post-consumer recycled aluminum. We recycle 100% of all of the aluminum scrap we generate onsite, and the products themselves can be completely recycled into new raw material. Our facilities also comply with the U.S. Green Building Council guidelines and qualify for LEED credits.

Whether your project requires a single set of stairs or multi level stair towers, they can be customized with a large variety of heights and angles. Your choice will depend on the intended use, size of work platform needed, and whether they will need to be moved or reconfigured based on changing production flow.

Types of Aluminum Stairs

  • Conventional stairways
    Stairway systems provide safe and convenient access to virtually any permanent or temporary, fixed or rolling, indoor or outdoor application. Most manufacturers offer multiple filler panel options.
    Stairways with platforms - Whether you need a platform for use as an exit landing, intermediate, or switchback, stairways with platforms are ideal for access to equipment, doorways, trailers, and more.
  • Crossover stairs
    Crossover stairways allow you to comfortably and safely walk over conveyors, pipe runs, duct work, equipment, and other obstructions. Aluminum crossovers can be taken apart and reconfigured as needs change and are easy to transport to new locations.
  • Alternating tread stairs
    An excellent space saver for mezzanine or roof top access, these stairs have a greater tread depth and steeper pitch than traditional stairs and are ideal for many commercial and industrial applications where space is at a premium.
  • Spiral and circular stairs
    They take up less space than a regular stairway. Straight stairs that are 18 feet high and 3 feet wide fill 105 square feet of space, while a spiral staircase of the same proportions fills only 45 square feet. Aluminum spiral stairways are the perfect material for wet industrial environments.

Advantages of Aluminum

The biggest difference between steel and aluminum stairs is obviously weight. Steel is typically 2.5 times denser/heavier than aluminum. This means that aluminum access structures will be easier to handle and less expensive to ship. Other important advantages of aluminum include:

  • Strength.
    Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio; its mass and weight is roughly 35% that of iron and 30 % that of copper. While steel may be tough and resilient, it generally cannot be pushed to the same extreme dimensional limits as aluminum.
  • Malleability.
    Complex shapes can be obtained in one-piece extruded sections, eliminating the need for mechanical joining. The stair frame components are stronger and less likely to loosen over time.
  • Corrosion Resistance.
    One of aluminum’s greatest attributes is that it is naturally corrosion resistant without additional treatment. It doesn’t rust. This is due to the presence of a thin, naturally occurring protective film of aluminum oxide that bonds to its surface.
  • Non-combustible.
    Aluminum does not burn and, even at extremely high temperatures, does not produce toxic fumes.
  • Recyclable.
    Aluminum can be recycled repeatedly, quickly, and cost-effectively without losing any of its characteristics. 

Hydro Extrusion is the North American leader in soft alloy aluminum extrusions with 20+ locations and more than 60 extrusion presses available to serve the residential and commercial building industries. Our REDD Team portable aluminum stairs, walkways and ramps can solve access challenges.

We have the engineering expertise to ensure the best design and correct fit for your application.