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Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer in Maryland

When your business requires aluminum extrusions in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C., Hydro Extrusion offers cost-effective solutions in large circle size and multi-void hollow extrusions and complex profiles, a wide range of alloys and surface finishes, single-source fabrication, component assembly, kitting and logistics, and product development.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Hydro customers have access to an unprecedented number of resources across our entire network of 23 locations and 65 extrusion presses in North America. Utilizing both 6xxx series aluminum alloys and proprietary alloys in the 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 and 7000 series, as well as standard and special tempers, we can satisfy the most complex size and shape requirements with a diverse product line.

With facilities at Hydro Cressona and Hydro Mountain Top in neighboring Pennsylvania, businesses can take advantage of our ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and ISO TS16949 certified plants that produce a wide range of extrusions. They offer a total of 16 direct and indirect presses ranging from 1,000 tons (5”) to 6,000 tons (21”), a state-of-the-art 14” indirect press for rod and bar production, and impressive fabricating capabilities. Hydro Mountain Top also features a full-service quality assurance lab.

Sapa Aluminum Finishing Options

In addition to our extensive extrusion and fabrication capabilities, Hydro offers more finishing options in every market than any other manufacturer. Our high-capacity systems paint and anodize with the newest generation of coatings. Our vertical powder coating line can accommodate very large volumes with short lead-times to produce unsurpassed products.

Our painting capabilities include:

  • 2 Booth Vertical Wet Paint to 21'
  • 4 Booth Vertical Wet Paint
  • AMAA Certified
  • Intermix Capabilities (full service applicator)
  • Liquid Vertical to 25'
  • Liquid Horizontal to 28'
  • Liquid Paint (2 Electrostatic Vertical Wet Lines)
  • Polishing & Brushing 
  • Powder Coating (1 Vertical Powder Line) to 25'

Our anodizing capabilities include:

  • Clear Anodizing up to 31’
    A widely used anodizing method typically involving sulfuric acid anodize followed by hot water seal.
  • Two-Step Anodizing
    Also known as electrolytic coloring; after anodizing the metal is immersed in a bath containing an inorganic metal salt. Current is applied which deposits the metal salt in the base of the pores. The resulting color is dependent on the metal salt used and the processing conditions.
  • Hard Coat Clear
    An electrochemical process that provides clear corrosion protection to aluminum and aluminum alloy parts or pieces.
  • Acid Etch
    An alternative chemical etching process that produces a superior finish compared to traditional caustic etch anodizing. Acid etching is performed in the pre-treatment cleaning of aluminum profiles, before the anodizing process.
  • Brite Dip to 18'
    Brite Dip increases the specularity or brightness of aluminum by leveling the microscopic roughness or "peaks and valleys" on the surface of the parts. Brite Dip anodizing enhances the glossy appearance of aluminum for cosmetic applications.
  • Traditional Caustic Etch
    This chemical treatment is done prior to anodizing to improve the final appearance of the anodized part.

Backed by stability and financial strength, Hydro provides full step customer solutions to markets that include distribution, building & construction, industrial & consumer, automotive, mass transportation, solar, and highway & bridge construction. When you need an aluminum extrusions manufacturer in Maryland, we are committed to understand your business in order to establish a close and long-term relationship.