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Environment and climate

We have committed ourselves to minimize and mitigate our emissions, and to be carbon neutral in a life-cycle perspective by 2020.

lighthouse in storm

Producing aluminum has an impact on the environment: locally where we operate, and on the global climate due to greenhouse gas emissions. The main inputs related to our production, are bauxite, energy, water. As the leading fully integrated aluminum company, we are responsible for operating in an environmentally conscious way.  

By continuously improving the way we produce aluminum, we strive to minimize the impact our activities have on the environment, especially in biodiversity, water stewardship and climate change.

Climate strategy

We aim to be carbon neutral in a lifecycle perspective by 2020. Our climate strategy is based on a simple principle: We intend to save at least as much carbon emissions as we generate. We will do this by:  

  • increasing our recycling capacity
  • lowering emissions in our own production and  
  • delivering aluminum to segments where it has the greatest benefits from a climate perspective.  
  • Environmental strategy 

It is our strategy to minimize the environmental impact of our operations along the aluminum value chain. Our goal is to mitigate emissions to land, water and air, conserve biodiversity and reduce waste production. To achieve this, we monitor, identify and reduce environmental risk throughout the lifetime of our operational sites.