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Local communities

We constantly strive to make a positive difference to the societies we are part of. This is integrated into our purpose, values and business strategy.

two men inspecting cucumber plants

We aim to contribute to the development of local communities because it is right, and because we can only succeed as a company if the communities around us also succeed. For us, this means that we particularly prioritize:  

  • Contributing to quality education 
  • Promoting decent work and economic growth 
  • Strengthening local communities and institutions through capacity building 

Our commitment to internationally recognized human rights provides the platform for our approach and initiatives. All people are entitled to basic rights and freedoms. This gives us a solid framework to assess risks and opportunities – in both developed and developing countries.  

We can only achieve our ambitions through partnering with people and communities. Through transparent dialogue and collaboration, we can make a positive impact – building trust by promoting social change.   

We have committed to contributing to quality education and capacity building for 500,000 people in our communities and for business partners from 2018 until the end of 2030.