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Hydro refugee program in Germany

Hydro Rolled Products in Germany has been working with the local communities to support the integration of refugees by providing German language courses, integration workshops and apprenticeship opportunities.

Refugees at Grevenbroich

In March 2016, Hydro began working with a group of 15 refugees from countries such as Iraq, Syria and Eritrea, providing them with German lessons four times a week. Of the 15 in the group, 9 participated in an internship at Hydro’s manufacturing facility in Grevenbroich. As part of the internship, the refugees participate in technical training provided by the public employment agency (one of Hydro’s program partners), while also attending an on-site apprenticeship workshop twice a week in preparation for a technical career in Germany.  

Inter-cultural training sessions were held with refugees together with employees of Hydro’s manufacturing facility in Grevenbroich, Neuss Rheinwerk and our joint venture AluNorf in Germany. The aim for the meetings were to increase cultural understanding and to dispel some of the stereotypes associated with the different cultures. 

Hydro is member of the German government’s refugee initiative “We together,” which is a company network with members who provide refugee initiatives with the aim to foster and grow a network of companies committed to promoting integration over the long term. The program includes German language course, integration workshops and apprenticeships opportunities.  

Impact: The program supports the integration of refugees through language courses, integration workshops and apprenticeship opportunities. 

Numbers reached: 5 refugees have participated in the program so far.