Nomination committee

The Nomination committee consists of four members. who shall be shareholders or shareholders’ representatives.

The members of the committee, including its chairperson, are elected by the general meeting of shareholders. The chairperson and at least one other member shall be elected among the shareholder-elected members of the corporate assembly. The members of the committee are elected for two years at a time.

Nominates candidates to the Board of Directors and the Corporate Assembly and proposes remuneration to the Board, its sub-committees and to the Corporate Assembly.

See Hydro’s Annual Report for latest developments.


  • Terje Venold, acting chair  (1950) is a Master of Science in business from the Norwegian School of Management (BI). He has been employed in Veidekke ASA since 1988, as the President and CEO since 1989. Venold has also experience from Norsk Data and Arne Blystads Rederi. In addition to several directorships within the Veidekke group, he is currently a member of the executive committee of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and chairs the Board of Stiftelsen AksjeNorge.

  • Mette Wikborg (1963) holds a degree in economics from the University of Oslo, where she also has worked as a lecturer. Wikborg is Director General of the ownership department in the Ministry of Trade and Industry and was previously Director General of the Ministry’s department for research and innovation policy. Wikborg has been a Fullbright scholarship holder at Harvard University, and has previously worked as an adviser in the Ministry of Finance and as a consultant in McKinsey & Company. In the period 2002-2003, Wikborg was a member of the Skauge Committee, which was responsible for preparing a tax reform proposal.

  • Susanne Munch Thore (1960) studied law at the University of Oslo and has a Master's degree (LL.M) from Georgetown University, USA. She is the Managing Partner in the Oslo law firm Wikborg Rein where she is part of the firm's corporate law practice. She has extensive experience as a corporate lawyer and assists clients that are in the financial sector, listed companies and private equity funds. Munch Thore is head of the Bar Association's committee for exchange and securities law. She serves on the boards of Oslo Areal AS and Unifor.

  • Berit Ledel Henriksen (1953) holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Mathematics from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. She has work experience from Esso Chemical Canada, Osco Shipping AS and Osco Invest AS. Since 1985, Henriksen held various international management positions in DnB. Since 2010, Henriksen has been Executive Vice President, Global Head of Energy in DnB's energy division.


Updated: November 24, 2016