ALBRAS - Alumínio Brasileiro S/A

Albras plant seen from the air
  • Hydro shareholding: 51%
  • Start-up of production: 1985
  • Production in 2013: 443,866 metric tons
  • Production capacity: 460,000 metric tons/year


Albras - Alumínio Brasileiro S.A.

Albras is based in the municipality of Barcarena, 87 kilometers from the state capital. Albras is the second-largest aluminium plant in Brazil. In 2015, the company completed 30 years since opening.

Currently, Hydro is the main shareholder in the joint-venture company, with 51% of the shares. NAAC (Nippon Amazon Aluminium Co. Ltd.), a consortium of Japanese companies, including trading companies, consumers and aluminium producers, owns the remaining shares.

Re-melted ingot

How aluminium is produced

Updated: October 3, 2016