Hydro Paragominas - bauxite mine

Bauxite mine in Paragominas, Brazil.
  • Start-up of operation: 2007
  • Useful life: 41 years
  • Bauxite production: 9.9 million metric tons/year

Hydro Paragominas - Bauxite mine

Hydro's bauxite mine is situated approximately 70 kilometers from the municipality of Paragominas in northeastern Pará, on Miltonia Plateau 3.

Hydro Paragominas began operating in March 2007 and today it mines about 15.2 million metric tons of ore per year, producing 9.9 million metric tons of bauxite annually.

Current deposits in Paragominas represent a lifetime of 41 years for mining activities, in a process aligned with the best environmental and operational safety practices.

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Updated: October 3, 2016