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Hydro Extrusions Lucé

In the Chartres region, 1 hour from Paris, our Hydro Extrusion site in Lucé offers custom and standard profiles, covering a wide range of dimensions thanks to its two presses.

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Welcome to the Hydro Extrusion Lucé plant

Lucé highlights

The Lucé plants owns two presses of 7" and 10" for a total capacity of 21 000 t/year.

This plant employs 159 persons in 2020.

Our site is a full local partner that has been combining production resources and expertise since 1957. It has an anodizing and machining workshops, allowing in particular cutting to length, but also many additional services such as logistical solutions, filming, marking and jobbing. 

In 2018, the site invested in the entire upstream line of its presses (store / shear furnace / robotic manipulator) in order to gain in reliability.
The investment also concerns the anodizing workshop on the cooling unit and heat recovery, to optimize the quality of the products we offer (better rinsing and surface appearance).

Our workshop

The anodizing workshop is one of the few to offer maximum lengths up to 8.7m in colorless. It offers multiple treatment possibilities, thanks to a blasting workshop support. The site is also specialized in jobbing for many customers.

In addition to our production capacities, Hydro Extrusion counts a department dedicated to assisting customers on technical projects: the Special Projects Department. From the conception to your product prototype, our experts are there to support you.

For any request concerning aluminium billets or the recycling of aluminium scrap, please contact our smelter via Hydro Aluminium Extrusion Services.


Hydro Extrusion Lucé/Châteauroux SAS

42 rue de la Beauce

PO Box 89

28112 Lucé

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+33 2 37 30 64 00