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Hydro Rolling Holmestrand

Hydro has a rolled products operation in Holmestrand. It recycles used aluminium and paints aluminium strip in various colors.

Aerial photo of Holmestrand

Holmestrand highlights

  • Employees: 400
  • Production: 86.000 tonnes rolled products annually
  • Production since: 1917
  • Products: rolled and painted aluminium products for building and construction, industrial applications, consumer durables and packaging

The rolling mill produces rolled products, including clad fin stock and surface-critical end products, with applications ranging from multi-layer tubes to painted strip for building and construction, also food cans. The plant was established in 1917.

Hydro Holmestrand is also a major recycler of aluminium in Norway, from collected tealights to used beverage cans and more. Hydro Holmestrand recycle all aluminum cans that are returned for recycling in Norway.




Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products AS

P.O. Box 310

Weidemannsgate 8

N-3081 Holmestrand, Norway
+47 33 05 12 16
+47 33 05 42 00