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Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products AS Holmestrand

Hydro has a rolled products operation in Holmestrand. It recycles used aluminium and paints aluminium strip in various colors.

Aerial photo of Holmestrand

Holmestrand highlights

  • Employees: 400
  • Production: 86.000 tonnes rolled products annually
  • Production since: 1917
  • Products: rolled and painted aluminium products for building and construction, industrial applications, consumer durables and packaging

The rolling mill produces rolled products, including clad fin stock and surface-critical end products, with applications ranging from multi-layer tubes to painted strip for building and construction, also food cans. The plant was established in 1917.

Hydro Holmestrand is a major recycler of aluminium in Norway, from collected tealights to used beverage cans and more.


Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products AS

P.O. Box 310

Weidemannsgate 8

N-3081 Holmestrand, Norway
+47 33 05 12 16
+47 33 05 42 00