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Hydro Extrusions Gloucester

At our Gloucester plant we carry out die manufacturing, tooling maintenance, shape correction, polishing and cleaning.

Hydro Extrusions Gloucester plant

At our Barnwood site we design and manufacture aluminium extrusion dies which supply all our UK sites. Our capabilities are: die design, programming with Peps V4.2, CNC Turning, EDM for sparking cores and wirecutting dies and HAFT process for a high level of tongue support.

The dies we produce using our process provide:

  • A high level of dimensional accuracy
  • Repeatability
  • Closer Support
  • More control of the bearing profile than dies made using conventional methods

Extrusion die made with HAFT support

With our HAFT process the dies are machined from a pre-hardened steel blank and the wire cut backers give the die maximum support, especially on high tongue ratio and complex sections.

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Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd

11A Barnett Way Barnwood

Fields Business Park

GL4 3QA Gloucester , UK

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