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Jaguar Land Rover is shining with aluminium

Jaguar Land Rover is considered a world leader in the area of aluminium body construction for cars. One of its development partners is Hydro.

Jaguar Land Rover was one of the first carmakers to use aluminium extensively in its model range, and its use of the material continues to grow. The company introduced aluminium body structures initially to its Jaguar line, achieving a weight reduction of around 40 percent using stamped panels, castings and aluminium extrusions.

All-new advanced aluminium monocoque vehicle architecture

Jaguar is now applying the same principles to its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. High-strength, lightweight and extremely stiff, the modular and scalable architecture will enable flexible high-volume production without compromising the unique character, dynamics, performance and luxury that Jaguar is famous for.

Body structure and exterior trim

Hydro serves Jaguar Land Rover as a long-term partner and supplier of extruded aluminium solutions. This includes elements of the body structure, air suspension systems and exterior trim. Rollover protection hoops and hydroformed cantrail assemblies are examples.

Hydro takes advantage of its network of manufacturing sites to supply the company. We deliver components from plants in Hungary, Sweden and the UK, utilizing local specialties and expertise in metallurgy, advanced machining, hydroforming and assembly.

Research, development and dedication

Tight coordination between the plants and Hydro’s global research and development team has optimized the development and production of the solutions for Jaguar Land Rover.

"We give hands-on service to Jaguar Land Rover and their suppliers in the development phase and offer a lean production concept for the serial phase. This gives the customer a price and a program that is attractive and competitive," says Hydro’s Frank Iepema.

Working as a supplier of highly sophisticated solutions to Jaguar Land Rover requires a long and stable relationship, reliable product quality, and a strategic direction that is dedicated and aligned. Hydro’s investment in new equipment at our Swedish components plant for a new line of deliveries to Jaguar Land Rover illustrates this dedication.

Contact us today to discuss how we can bring more aluminium into your vehicle programs.

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