Meet some of us

  • There are many reasons why Pål Thorud enjoys working in Hydro after many years. Variation in the work is one reason, his colleagues another.

    "My first job in Hydro involved the remote control of hydroelectric power plants. The technology used was new and it fascinated me. It was possible to control a large power plant from a computer monitor many hundreds of kilometers away. That was more than 25 years ago.

  • “When we opened the Remelt-plant we had the rare opportunity to start a workforce culture from scratch. We were able to decide a lot of the issues ourselves since many of the policies and procedures regarding employee issues were not in place yet."

  • "I come from Recife in Brazil, a large, port city up north, just like Hamburg. We don’t listen to Samba, there."

    In July 2007, I started working for Hydro. Not long before, our casthouse itself had switched to Hydro. Ever since, we have jointly increased production and accomplished a lot of changes. My approach is methodic, thanks to my Six Sigma training. It’s more effective in the long run.

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Updated: November 28, 2016