What to expect

A graduate position will give you a valuable experience from the inside of one of the world’s greatest aluminium companies. We make a great effort for you to get to know Hydro, and vice versa.


As a graduate in Hydro you have an intensive 12-24 months introduction period. We are not afraid to give you responsibility if you want it, and happily provide you with the support you need to complete your goals. As a new Hydro employee, you can always rely on the support of experienced co-workers. 

Even though our graduate positions are personalized, some commonalities are still the same for all graduates that join Hydro. This includes:   

  • Thorough introduction and follow-up 

  • Rotations within your own business area or plant 

  • A chance to combine theory and practice 

  • Professional courses 

  • Dedicated buddy from your field of expertise 

  • Colleague diversity – mix of competence, gender and culture 

  • Being part of Hydro’s Young Professionals network 

Make your talent count. renew the future

Updated: October 11, 2016