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Personal and professional development

Developing our company starts with developing our people. We offer our employees a variety of programs worldwide for personal and professional development.

Hydro employee

Whether you’re an operator, specialist or leader, you get the opportunity to develop your career and build your competence. 

The most important learning and development happens on-the-job with leaders and peers, but we also offer a wide range of professional development programs and courses aligned with organizational needs. In our Hydro Academy, our employees can browse through our internal course catalog to discover training that is relevant to their development needs, including local and global classroom training, webcasts, e-learning, access Leadership library, and more. 

Shaped by you through involvement and empowerment 

My Way is Hydro’s performance and development process, used by all employees. The aim is to make sure our employees are able to utilize their competence to perform at their best – today and in the future. Through a structured dialogue between leader and employee the following questions will be clarified: 

  • What is expected of me? 
  • How am I doing? 
  • How can I develop my competence?  

We believe that employees that are involved, have ownership and feel empowered are more content and perform better. 

Our development programs: 

  • Hydro Fundamentals: Onboard new employees to develop an understanding of Hydro’s organization and key priorities  
  • Young Professional Network Gathering: Introduce graduates to strategic processes 
  • New Leader in Hydro Program: Learn about roles and expectations as a leader, practice and develop leadership skills 
  • Radical Collaboration Program: Build performance culture and relationship as well as practice and develop leadership skills. 
  • Hydro Professional Program: Support competence development, and build network across the value chain for our top talent specialists 
  • Hydro Mentor Program: Share knowledge across the organization and develop and maintain top talents 
  • Hydro Leadership Program: Build a performance culture and practice and develop leadership skills 
  • ES Executive program: Develop your personal leadership behaviors and equip oneself with competencies for executive roles 
  • Hydro Executive Program: Gain insight into Hydro’s strategic agenda and equip oneself with competencies for executive roles 
  • Local programs: Offer a variety of local programs and introductions 

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