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Hydro Energy Stavanger

In Stavanger, located in the western part of Norway, Hydro operates the 13 power plants Lysebotn 2, Tjodan, Flørli, Maudal, Breiava, Oltedal, Oltesvik, Hjelmeland, Sviland, Hetland, Hauskje, Jørpeland and Dalen.


Hydro and Lyse established a joint hydropower company, Lyse Kraft DA, in the fall of 2020. Hydro owns 25.6 percent and Lyse 74.4 percent. As part of the agreement, Hydro remains operator of the RSK assets and is now in addition assuming operatorship for Lyse’s until now fully owned hydropower plants.

Following the transaction, Hydro is Norway’s third-largest operator of renewable power, with a combined renewables production of 13.7 TWh in a normal year.

Based on equity shares, Hydro’s annual power production is 9.4 TWh in a normal year.


Breiflåtveien 18

4017 Stavanger

51 90 80 00