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Birtley, based in the North of the UK is one of our primary extrusion plants with two presses and the longest run table.

As well as offering aluminium extruded profiles to meet our clients design needs, Birtley is also our only UK site to offer thermal break capabilities.

Thermal Break is a thermal barrier that prevents the transfer of heat or cold energy between conductive materials. This is especially important when Aluminium is used in the architecture, building and construction sectors used in bespoke and standard building systems and curtain walling as it is highly conductive and can transfer energy quickly across a profile. The Thermal Break is normally a Polyamide plastic strip rolled into and joining separate extrusions into an assembly to create an effect not possible through the extrusion process alone and has the effect of eliminating or regulating temperature transfer from conduction, convection and radiation across the structures creating considerable savings from lost energy. Thermal Breaks also have the added benefit of eliminating unwanted noise transfer and dampening vibration across the structures employed in the system.

In essence Thermal Breaking creates more sophisticated, durable and complex structures by co-joining profiles that the die design process cannot achieve alone.

It also allows internal and external profiles to be joined with differing surface treatments e.g. an anodised exterior for weather resistance and different coloured powder or paint coating internal to create the desired architectural, structural integrity and decorative effect.

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