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Cutting carbon with green hydrogen

We need to move away from fossil fuels, and for the world to reach net zero emissions in 2050 we need renewable hydrogen. Hydro’s new green hydrogen company will help drive the uptake of green hydrogen in sectors we can’t directly electrify – such as big parts of industry, long-distance transport and shipping.

Per Christian Eriksen, Head of Hydro Hydrogen, is joined by John Barry, who is Hydro Hydrogen’s Head of Development, to discuss this exciting energy opportunity with Hydro Talks host Kari Ertresvåg of Hydro Energy.  

“The most well-known way of achieving our climate goals is using renewable energy to create emission-free electricity,” Eriksen says. “But 30% of current global emissions come from ‘hard to abate’ sectors where a part of the production process often requires temperatures far higher than what electricity can produce. But there is an alternative to clean electricity that is perfect for these industries and also shipping and long-distance transport – green hydrogen.

“Hydrogen, just like electricity, can be made from purely renewable energy resources. And industries like cement, steel and aluminium can switch to using green hydrogen, based on renewable energy, without any adverse impact on their output.”

You can hear more in the Hydro Talks podcast, “Cutting carbon with green hydrogen” and view other topics on the Hydro Talks page, where you will find links to Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts

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