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Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging: Room for all

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is good for people and good for business. Here is what Hydro is doing on the diversity front.

We have a broad definition of diversity, embracing the differences among people, including gender, age, ethnicity, abilities, sexual orientation, affectional orientation and personality, as well as education, work experience, skills, language, geography, communication style, and belief.

From left, Kjersti Midthun Næss, People & Organizational Development Specialist in Hydro, Jan Helge Mårdalen of Hydro's Energy business, and Loveleen Brenna of Seema, a diversity consultancy in Oslo.

“In Hydro, diversity is not a new topic, but it is certainly a topic that has developed,” says Kjersti Midthun Næss, People & Organizational Development Specialist in Hydro. “Inclusion was added some years ago, and last year we added belonging. Not to make it more complicated, but to ensure we capture what we really mean, and what our real targets are.

“A famous quote is, ‘Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice. Belonging is having that voice be heard.’ Our target is to have all voices heard in Hydro – not only to create equal opportunities, but because different voices represent different perspectives – perspectives we depend on to meet our business challenges.”

Næss is joined by Loveleen Brenna of Seema, an independent consultancy in Oslo providing guidance on diversity leadership, and Jan Helge Mårdalen, who is Head of Operations & Development in Hydro’s Energy business in Norway. In this Hydro Talks podcast, they explore Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, what it means for employees – and not least, potential employees looking for an inclusive workplace – and for business.

You can hear this Hydro Talks podcast:

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