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Light poles combine fashion with functionality in Zanzibar

The right solution for a development project in Zanzibar is bringing a new shine to Fumba Town. All-aluminium light poles now brighten the city with blue strip lighting at night, giving it a carnival atmosphere, and provide the functionality that is needed.

Zanzibar is an island, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania located in the Indian Ocean. The Fumba Uptown project is an urban development overlooking Menai Bay, on the island’s southwest region, in Fumba Town.

The main part of the project comprises 1 million square meters of new residential space. The project also includes the development of commercial space, green space and recreational areas.

The client was responsible for identifying the functional and attractive street lighting for the project. They took a holistic approach to the lighting design, combining function with aesthetics on a personal level.

Functional and attractive all-aluminium light poles

After first checking with a local company in Dubai that produces aluminium light poles with a steel core, the client listened to Metro Smart International (MSI), which is Hydro’s partner in all-aluminium pole products in the Middle East. 

After seeing the unlimited design options with aluminium, they were pleasantly surprised.

The cost-conscious project team had been expecting a much higher price for the alternative solution, not least because the all-aluminium solution was stunning. They fell in love with the 10-meter-high poles, featuring MSI’s neoclassical design, silver and gold. And with the blue light strip in addition, no further discussion was needed.

Because the main concern of the customer was the gentrification and beautification of Fumba Town, through its development as a tourist-and-residential resort area, the all-aluminium street light poles were exactly what was needed.

Strong aluminium properties

Functionally, there was no question regarding the use of aluminium. In a coastal area, the light metal was clearly the right metal for the application.

The poles are long-lasting and require minimum maintenance, even in salty and humid areas. And once anodized, the poles need only to be hosed off to be cleaned. Corrosion is not an issue, either.

The client was impressed by Hydro’s ability to “technically engineer the poles to meet budget without compromising on quality.”

Fumba Uptown has nearly 700 of the light poles installed throughout the development area, both in single and double-armed solutions.

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