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Økern Portal is using CIRCAL to meet the highest sustainability standards

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Meeting high sustainability targets within building and construction with CIRCAL

One of the largest development projects in Norway, the Økern Portal, is using Hydro’s CIRCAL 75R aluminium as facade material in its new, innovative office building. At least 75 percent of the aluminium in CIRCAL 75R is recycled metal that was previously used in other products.


Watch the video to learn why architects and builders want to use CIRCAL to push down the carbon footprint of building projects. 

“Our customers in the building and construction sector are really focusing on sustainability. They want material and solutions that can help them meet their sustainability targets. With CIRCAL 75R, we provide aluminium with a carbon footprint that fits well with the most demanding sustainability requirements,” says Egil Hogna, who is responsible for Hydro Extruded Solutions.

Recycled aluminium

The Økern Portal is owned by Oslo Pensjonsforsikring, with Stema responsible for project management and Vedal Entreprenør as project lead and main contractor in a design and build contract. The project is scheduled for completion in 2021. The ambition is to create a sustainable community, offering office locations side by side with restaurants and cultural experiences.

The lead architect is Dark Arkitekter, with Staticus as facade producer.

“Staticus endeavors to reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible. With this facade, we reduce the total carbon footprint of the building project by using recycled aluminium which has been used before. I believe we have only seen the start of sustainability in the building and construction sector,” says CEO Aušra Vankevičiūtė in the Staticus Group.

A demonstration of the facade element at metal builder Staticus' production site in Lithuania.

Ambitious European emissions targets

Hydro’s aluminium building systems brand WICONA is the system supplier, providing the facade in CIRCAL 75R.

Hydro is the first aluminium producer supplying prime quality end-of-life recycled aluminium with a certified content of more than 75 percent recycled post-consumer scrap. The production process is fully traceable, and the product is certified by an independent third party (DNV-GL).

The European Commission’s sustainability targets require all new buildings to operate at net zero carbon emissions by 2030 – and all buildings by 2050. Hydro’s CIRCAL 75R is enabling builders and architects to meet the most demanding sustainability targets.

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