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The antidumping case was opened in October 2020 following an antidumping complaint by six European producers of converter foil representing more than 50% of EU production of the product concerned. By the decision to impose duties, the Commission acknowledges that converter foil from China had been sold in the European Union’s market at a price so low that it could be considered dumping and unfair competition towards domestic producers. Antidumping duties, a targeted instrument based on the rules of the World Trade Organization, aim to restore fair competition.

“The European Commission’s intention to impose antidumping duties on Chinese aluminium converter foil will help restore fair conditions for competition in the EU market for the benefit of both producers and consumers,” said Einar Glomnes, Executive Vice President of Hydro Rolling. “We will keep cooperating with the EU authorities as their investigation continues.”

Enforcement of the provisional antidumping duties is expected around mid-June, after the publication of the decision in the EU Official Journal. Meanwhile, the investigation will continue and should come to a conclusion at the end of 2021. In parallel to this antidumping investigation, there is an ongoing anti-subsidy investigation into the same product.

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