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Sustainability at Hydro

Contributing to creating a fair society and circular economy


We will do this by producing responsibly, delivering circular solutions, making net-zero aluminium by 2050 or earlier, and producing and using more renewable energy.

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Net Zero

Net-zero products, net-zero company, net-zero society by 2050



Protect biodiversity and reduce our environmental footprint; 1:1 rehabilitation available mined areas within two years



Improve lives and livelihoods wherever we operate. Empower 500,000 people with education and skills development by 2030.

Our approach

To contribute to solving our common global challenges, we need to produce and consume in new ways. Our ambition is to contribute to creating a fair society and circular economy. We will do this by producing and sourcing responsibly, offering zero-carbon aluminium, circular solutions and more renewable energy. Hydro has set an ambition of net zero by 2050 and we have concrete actions and plans today for how to work to meet this goal.

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Our reporting

Hydro’s sustainability reporting gives valuable insights to stakeholders, organizations, and authorities who are interested in learning more about our operations around the world. We communicate our performance and impacts on a wide range of sustainability topics, notably: Environment & climate, social and governance.

Natural fresh waterfall as source for hydropower

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