... to many of the challenges facing modern society today? Our roots are in renewable energy, and it’s in our nature to make the most out of the resources we have. We make aluminium and aluminium products in ways that save resources while meeting important needs in transport, buildings and homes, packaging, and other aspects of everyday life. This allows us to say, “Yes, we are.” Hear the stories from our colleagues in the pages that follow.

Yes, we are working to generate more green energy

Hydro continues to lead the cause for more energy efficiency in aluminium production. Renewable energy has always been our preferred choice, and we’re working to harness every possible kilowatt from our existing hydropower resources.

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Yes, we are working to reduce emissions

Aluminium can with the inscription Energy BankWhile fossil fuel-based energy can account for much of the emissions from primary aluminium production, the electrolysis process used in smelting is also a source of emissions. Our new technologies reduce emissions per kilo of aluminium produced.

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Yes, we are putting cars on an energy diet

Aluminium can with the inscription Diet CarReducing our energy consumption is one of the most important tools in the fight against climate change. Hydro is leading this charge by helping customers use aluminium to create more energy-efficient products, buildings and vehicles.

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Yes, we are making the future recycled

Aluminium can with the inscription I'll be backA viable future will be built with materials – like aluminium – that can be endlessly recycled without loss of quality. We’re strengthening our own remelting efforts, helping foster ‘end-of-life’ recycling, and helping customers and stakeholders better prepare for recycling.

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Yes, we’re making solar shine

Aluminium can with the inscription Future ProofThe world needs more solar energy solutions to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We are addressing this challenge with investments in solar energy conversion technologies and aluminium-based solutions for buildings and large-scale solar energy parks.

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Updated: October 11, 2016