Key figures

Amounts in NOK million unless other unit indicated 2009 2008
Revenue 67,409 88,455
Underlying EBIT: ""
Primary Metal (2,556) 2,732
Metal Markets (83) 703
Rolled Products 26 651
Extruded Products (67) 338
Energy 1,240 1,865
Corporate and Eliminations (1,114) (279)
Total (2,555) 6,009
Income (loss) from continuing operations 416 (3,267)
Underlying return on average capital employed (RoaCE), percent (6.4%) 6.8%
Investments "" 5,947 9,012
Total assets 77,599 95,157
Share price year-end, NOK 48.71 27.80
Dividend per share, NOK 0.50 -
Number of employees, year-end "" 19,249 22,634
Recordable injuries, per million hours worked 2.9 3.8
Greenhouse gas emissions, million tonnes CO2e"" 2.9 4.2

"" Underlying EBIT
Underlying results were significantly impacted by a sharp decline in aluminium prices together with significantly lower volumes in our midstream and downstream operations. Substantial cost reductions in all of our operations partly offset the effects of the market decline.

"" Investments
During 2009, Hydro focused on preserving cash and protecting its liquidity position. Except for Qatalum, investments were substantially reduced and mainly limited to maintenance activities to safeguard our production assets.

"" Number of employees
Responding to the market decline, we reduced the number of full time equivalents across our operating organization and our corporate staff functions. The decline also reflects the divestment of business during the year including our global automotive structures operations.

"" Greenhouse gas emissions
We have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 62 percent since 1990.
The reduction results from systematic operational improvements, new technology, and more recently, the closure of plants and process lines.
Our emissions declined 25 percent compared to 2008 due to curtailments and the closure of the Søderberg plant
at Karmøy.

Updated: October 11, 2016