Financial and operating performance


Hydro had underlying EBIT of NOK 3,351 million in 2010, compared with negative underlying EBIT of NOK 2,555 million in 2009. The significant improvement was driven by a market recovery that lifted prices and strengthened demand, as well as reduced costs and manning throughout our operations.

We delivered 2.8 million metric tons of casthouse products to internal and external customers from casthouses that are integrated with our primary aluminium plants, and from remelt facilities close to our customers in Europe and the United States.

NOK million 2010 2009
Primary Metal 1,198 (2,556)
Metal Markets 321 (83)
Rolled Products 864 26
Extruded Products 444 (67)
Energy 1,416 1,240
Corporate and Eliminations (893) (1,114)
Underlying EBIT 3,351 (2,555)

In 2010, we shipped approximately 945,000 mt of rolled products from six European plants and our plant in Malaysia. Our network of extrusion plants delivered about 530,000 mt of extruded products.

Our energy business produced around 8 TWh of hydroelectric power during the year.

Updated: October 11, 2016