Key figures

Amounts in NOK million unless other unit indicated 2010 2009
Revenue 75,754 67,409
Underlying EBIT: footnote 1 graphic
Primary Metal 1,198 (2,556)
Metal Markets 321 (83)
Rolled Products 864 26
Extruded Products 444 (67)
Energy 1,416 1,240
Corporate and Eliminations (893) (1,114)
Total 3,351 (2,555)
Income (loss) from continuing operations 2,118 416
Underlying return on average capital employed (RoaCE), percent 4.0% (6.4%)
Investments footnote 2 graphic 6,231 5,947
Total assets 88,788 77,599
Share price year-end, NOK 42,61 48.71
Dividend per share, NOK 0.75 0.50
Number of employees, year-end footnote 3 graphic 18,897 19,249
Total recordable injuries, per million hours worked 3.7 2.9
Greenhouse gas emissions, million tonnes CO2efootnote 4 graphic 2.8 2.9

footnote 1 graphicHydro's underlying results increased significantly in 2010, driven by reduced costs and manning throughout our operations combined with a market recovery which lifted prices and strengthened demand. Overall sales volumes increased by 17 percent, compared with a decline of 18 percent in the previous year.
footnote 2 graphicDuring 2010, Hydro continued a strong focus on liquidity and sustaining capital expenditures. Except for Qatalum, investments were mainly related to maintenance activities to safeguard our production assets.
footnote 3 graphicThe number of employees was reduced through divestments in Spain, closure of a plant in the U.S., and cost improvements in our primary metal business. At the same time, new employees joined Hydro through acquisitions in Spain and Taiwan. After completion of the Vale aluminium transaction in February 2011, the number of employees was about 23,000.
footnote 4 graphicWe have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 54 percent since 1990. We have also reduced specific greenhouse gas emissions from our primary production by more than 60 percent since 1990. Total emissions increased in 2010 following Qatalum coming into production.

Updated: October 11, 2016