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Hydro in brief

Graph - Primary aluminium production   Graph - Primary aluminium production

Year in review

Graph - Encouraging market signals - aluminium price recovers   Graph - Further improved bauxite and alumina production

Graph - World cahs cost curve   Graph - Strong performance culture

Graph - Inventory development   Graph - Sales of casthouse value added products and ingot trading

Graph - Solid long term power coverage   Graph - Strong performance culture - Generationand power sourcing

Graph - Alumina contract durations    


Business description

Graphs - INTRO Capital employed upstream focus   Graph - Primary Metal cost improvement program

Graph - Alumina price as percent of LME   Graph - Bauxite production

Graph - Alumina production   Graph - Alumina position

Graph - Global aluminium consumptions by end use   Graph - Global aluminium comsumption by region

Graph - Top 10 world producers   Graph - Aluminiumprice in USDmt

Graphs - INTRO Liquidity and financial position   Graph - Rolled Products margin

Graph - Rolled Products claim rate   Graph - Flat rolled products consumption Western Europe

Graph - NOC days indexed   Graph - Extrusion margins indexed

Graph - Global flat rolled products consumptions 2010   Graph - European extrusion consumption by end use

Graph - European extrusion consumption by region   Graph - Solid operational performance

Graph - Improvement program increased to USD 300 per mt    

Viability performance

Graph - Direct greenhouse gas emissions   Graph - Direct greenhouse gas emissions

Graph - Fatal accidents   Graph - Lost time injuries

Graph - Share of women leaders   Graph - Share of non-Norwegian leaders

Graphs - Spent potlining   Graphs - Total recordable injuries


Shareholder information

Graphs - BR Share price development   Graph - Geographical ownership distribution of shares

Updated: October 11, 2016