Hydro's reporting

The enclosed Board of Directors report, together with the Financial Statements and accompanying notes, fulfills Hydro's Norwegian statutory requirements for annual reporting. The remainder of the Annual Report includes additional information about Hydro's business, viability performance, financial and operating performance, risk, shareholder information and corporate governance.

The "Annual report - 2013" is available in PDF format in the right-hand column. The "Board of Directors' report and Financial Statements - 2013" is also available in PDF format as a separate document in both English and Norwegian. All parts of the reports can be downloaded and printed in PDF format, together with additional, supplementary information. Paper copies of the Annual report, and the Norwegian financial statements and Board of Directors report, can also be ordered by using the link in the right-hand column.

 Annual Report 2013     Financial statements and Board of Directors' report 2013  Årsregnskap og årsberetning - 2013

Updated: October 11, 2016