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Hydro's share price closed at NOK 41.3 at the end of 2016. The return ex. dividend for 2016 was positive with NOK 8.2, or 24.7 percent.

For 2016, Hydro's Board of Directors proposes to pay a dividend of NOK 1.25 per share, demonstrating the company's commitment to provide a predictable and competitive cash return to shareholders, and taking into account the volatility in the aluminium industry. The proposed payment represents a 40 percent pay-out ratio of reported net income for the year reflecting Hydro's operational performance for 2016 and strong financial position.

Hydro's Board of Directors has revised the company's dividend policy to reflect the ambition to pay a stable or increasing dividend. Hydro's policy is in the long term to pay out, on average, 40 percent of reported net income as dividend over the business cycle.

  • Annual report 2016

  • Annual report 2016

Updated: January 25, 2017