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A global leader in aluminium

We are a fully integrated aluminium company aiming to create a more viable society by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways.

Bauxite mining

In Hydro, we are committed to creating long-term value for our shareholders and delivering a competitive total shareholder return.

  • Attractive long-term industry fundamentals: Growing demand for aluminium supported with substitution trends. 
  • Synergies and flexibility within a fully integrated aluminium value chain: From raw materials to end-customer solutions and closed-loop recycling. 
  • Industry leadership in sustainability as a long-term license to operate: The industry’s lowest carbon footprint, supported by high share of renewable energy sources and continued growth in recycling. We put high effort into HSE and CSR/ESG initiatives. 
  • Adding value through high-end products based on technology leadership and innovation: Our product and process innovation include the world’s most energy and climate efficient aluminium production at the Karmøy technology pilot. 
  • Improvement culture, operational and commercial excellence: We have a proven track record of continuous efficiency improvements, lifting earning potential since 2009. 
  • Strong relative industry positions: World-class assets, high-end products and leading market positions. 
  • Financial strength and flexibility: Strong balance sheet and liquidity allows us to navigate the industry cyclicality, enables disciplined capital allocation and results in predictable and competitive dividend.

Circular Economy Lifecycle Assessment

Only when designers, manufactures, producers, and purchasers understand the environmental and social impacts throughout the life cycle of material selection and design, we will be able to achieve a true circular economy.

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