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Hydro’s score was the highest ever for the company. The index is an important guide for investors and other stakeholders for assessing the companies' non-financial performance.

“I am very pleased with this ranking,” says Hydro’s President and CEO Eivind Reiten. “This shows that the work we put into our sustainability systems and performance is bearing fruit.”

Hydro received top marks for reporting on risk and crisis management, its ethical principles, transparency, environmental policy and management, biodiversity and climate strategy.

Many contribute

This was the first year Hydro participated in Dow Jones Sustainability Index as a focused aluminium company.

“We feel we delivered Hydro’s best answers ever of the 10 years we have been participating in this process. The scores we received are a satisfying confirmation of our efforts,” says Kirsten Margrethe Hovi, responsible for Hydro’s viability reporting.

The company’s reporting is a result of the contribution of nearly 50 colleagues. All corporate staffs are involved, as are research and development, quality control, marketing, and other specialists.

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