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Meet us at Aluminium 2010 in Essen

Hydro is presenting an exciting array of aluminium products and solutions at the prestigious Aluminium 2010 trade fair in Essen, Germany, on September 14-16.

About 18,000 visitors from more than 100 nations are expected to attend the fair, which is an important meeting place for the entire aluminium industry.

Hydro's 400-square-meter stand highlights the company’s green profile and focuses on the life cycle of our products.

With the theme “Your next …” Hydro presents a thought-provoking look at how a piece of used aluminium will – after recycling – be part of the next product or application you may buy.

Executives as well as marketing and sales representatives from Hydro will be on hand to answer questions and provide information.

In addition, representatives from Qatalum aluminium plant in Qatar will be present at Hydro's stand.

  • You can find Hydro's stand at the main entrance of Hall 3.

Aluminium Congress

For many years, the Aluminium Congress has complemented the fair. For the first time, the German Aluminium Industry Association (GDA) will organize the congress.

Two speakers from Hydro will address the gathering: Hartmut Janssen will talk about material packages for brazed aluminium solutions in HVAC&R and Henk-Jan Brinkman will talk about recent developments in aluminium sheet for automotive applications.

European Aluminium Award

In connection with the fair, winners of the European Aluminium Award will be presented. The competition, which is being held for the seventh time this year, looks for efficient and forward-looking uses of aluminium as a material.

Prizes are awarded for products and projects that use aluminium as a material in an innovative way. The award is supported by the European Aluminium Association and the German Aluminium Association.

Hydro is one of the main sponsors of the award.

The aluminium fair is arranged every other year and Hydro has taken part since the start in 1997.

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