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Automatic door systems with precision and service

Agtatec AG in Switzerland knows the importance of an entrance. With over 50 years of experience in automatic door systems, the company has a leading position in the market and an esteemed name in the field. "With aluminium we have both sides, the design and the functionality," says buyer Michael Müller.

Agtatec is part of the group known as agta record, which delivers products and services in 40 countries through 26 subsidiaries and 200 agencies. It is one of the leaders in its industry, particularly in the development, production and installation of automatic door systems.

The group is one of the few manufacturers of automatic doors that develops and produces its controls and sensors in-house. This enables the company to optimize design and functionality from the start. It is a strong card, says chief technology officer Franz Eigl, because Agtatec sells only customized products.

The group is headquartered outside Zürich in Fehraltorf, less than 90 minutes from one of its largest suppliers of aluminium profiles and components. This is no coincidence, says Marcel Wenzin, who is responsible for supply chain management.

"Someone can order a door today, customized and ready delivered within two weeks. This market requirement shows the flexibility we need from our suppliers," says Wenzin. "We would like to make the business locally, but it has to make sense at the end – and we calculate everything. Going the extra mile pays off. Hydro is one of the largest suppliers we have."

Hydro serves Agtatec from its extrusion plant in Nenzing, just across the Swiss border in Austria. "Our customers are challenging us and making us better. Agtatec is right at the top in this respect," says sales director Wolfgang Blendl.

Sustainable business

Agta record's core product range includes all types of sliding doors, telescopic, swing or folding as well as revolving doors. The group produces around 50,000 doors annually.

"Most customers want a special entrance – this is the door into their business," says Eigl.

"An aluminium surface is nice. This is the main reason we have aluminium in our systems. Corrosion protection is also a factor that favors aluminium, in addition to its relative light weight.

"When we discuss suppliers, we believe that longer relationships help in developing sustainable business. At the end, we would like to have a stable situation where we know we can communicate," says Eigl. "I like to concentrate on facts and solutions, and with this, interpreting our words – what we really mean – is important."

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