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Powerhouse online

The alliance developing energy-efficient building solutions, Powerhouse, has launched a new website and logo on

The group, consisting of property management firm Entra Eiendom, developers Skanska, the aluminium company Hydro, architects Snøhetta and the environmental organization Zero, is working on the world's northernmost energy-positive building.

The leader of Zero, Einar Håndlykken, says he is pleased with the new website (for now only in Norwegian).

"There has been a lot of interest generated in Powerhouse, and with the website in place we can offer more information to everyone who is following the Powerhouse alliance's projects," he says.

The website includes information on Norway's first energy-positive building under development, Powerhouse One in Trondheim, which presents the alliance with some big challenges.

"We want the website to attract new partners, suppliers and tenants. If we are going to create buildings that can produce more energy than they consume, we must have the best in the field on our team. So we encourage everyone who is interested to visit the website and contact us," Håndlykken says.

The brand-new website shows how energy-positive buildings work and why the Powerhouse alliance was assembled to achieve such an ambitious goal. In addition to updated information on Powerhouse activities, the website will present an overview of future projects and describe how the various alliance members contribute to the project.

The alliance hopes to increase interest in energy-efficient buildings in Norway, and that others will consider follow suit.

Buildings represent 40 percent of global energy consumption – and that consumption will continue to grow if nothing is done. Powerhouse will help.

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