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Aluminium prominent at ZERO conference

Aluminium for zero-emission cars and ships was on display at the international ZERO Conference in Oslo this week, co-sponsored by Hydro.

"In order to meet increasingly strict emissions rules, car manufacturers must produce lighter vehicles that use less fuel and thus emit fewer greenhouse gases," Billy Fredagsvik, Hydro's board member representing employees, said at ZERO's and Hydro's dinner for conference participants on Monday evening.

"That's the main reason that they're putting more aluminium in their cars. Aluminium is considerably lighter than other metals."

Fredagsvik spoke at the dinner about the ZERO Rally earlier this year, a car rally for zero-emission vehicles in which he was navigator. His driver was none other than President and CEO Svein Richard Brandtzæg.

"When management follows what the union says, all is well," Fredagsvik said with a smile.

Lighter cars and ships with aluminium

Earlier in the day, conference participants listened to former United National Secretary General Kofi Annan, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Norwegian Minister of the Environment Bård Vegard Solhjell address the climate challenge.

During the dinner, the main topic was transport solutions. Vehicles, ships, planes and trains represent about 25 percent of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In Norway, the figure is 20 percent for road transport alone.

But not just cars can be made lighter with aluminium – the world's first battery-powered car ferry was presented at the ZERO dinner. With aluminium in the hull and superstructure, the Fjellstrand shipyard in Norway has managed to reduce the weight of the ferry "ZERO Cat" by 50 percent.


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