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Hydro featured in auto campaign

Employees from Hydro's extrusion operations in the U.S. are helping profile the use of aluminium in automobiles. This first segment in the "Jobs From Autos" campaign by the Auto Alliance features Matthew Holbrook, a production manager in Hydro's plant in St. Augustine, Florida.

The Jobs From Autos campaign highlights the fact that 8 million Americans depend on automobiles for their livelihood.

The video also points out that the St. Augustine plant recycled 76 million pounds (nearly 35 million kilograms) of aluminium scrap in 2011, illustrating the advantage of aluminium over many other materials.

"I think that the average person on the street doesn't realize that there are a lot of companies that supply Detroit," Matthew Holbrook says on the campaign website.

"Detroit doesn't produce a lot of parts itself - it assembles a lot of parts. There are companies all around this country in little towns everywhere you see that supply Detroit with their parts."

Hydro's participation in the campaign also shines a light on the qualities of aluminium in applications like automobiles, says Matthew Dionne, head of Extrusion North America. Light yet strong and corrosion-resistant, aluminium helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

"Our strategy in North America is focused on engineering solutions in aluminum. Working with the Auto Alliance Group is a perfect fit as they are challenged with improving fuel efficiency. We look forward to continuing to partner with them on mass reduction programs," Dionne says.