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Hydro raises price for standard rolled aluminium products

Costs for the fabrication of rolled aluminium products have been rising continuously in recent months. Hydro will raise the price for strip and sheet in the General Engineering product area with effect for all deliveries from January 1, 2013.

For shipments in the calendar month January 2013, the conversion price (plus LME) of 1050 alloy standard sheet will be increased by €35 per metric ton, or £30 per mt, while the same price for 5754 alloy standard sheet will rise by €65 per mt.

For long-term supply agreements, an alternative solution is possible, either with variable price elements or with an additional security charge to cover further cost increases.

“By taking this measure, we pass on costs that we cannot influence to the market,” emphasizes Wolfgang Rempe, head of the General Engineering business unit.

“Also in a challenging market environment, we aim to safeguard a short notice and flexible supply of our semi-finished products to Hydro’s customers, thereby helping to reduce the operating capital bound across the entire supply chain.”

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